Sell Your Probate House in Cincinnati

At Safe Home Properties, we understand that dealing with a deceased relatives assets can be a giant pain for anyone involved. We take a great deal of consideration into this fact. So, we treat everyone with respect, fairness, and honesty from the start of our relationship.

Selling a Probate House to a Reputable Home Buyer

When you sell a probate house to a direct cash homebuyer, you will not have to wait a long time before getting money from the buyer. That is not usually the case when you sell a house through the traditional probate process since this process is usually very long.

Selling a probate house directly to a cash homebuyer is more convenient than selling it through the traditional probate process. You will typically have less paperwork, less people, and less hassle to take care of when you decide to sell a probate house to a direct homebuyer.

Why Let Us Buy Your Probate House?

If you want to sell a probate house in Cincinnati, contact Safe Home Properties. We treat everyone we deal with in a fair manner, as if they were our family. We buy houses located in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. When you decide to sell a house to us, you will not need to list your home with a real estate agent. Therefore, the house selling process will be quick and easy.

Selling a probate house is quite a long process. However, you can avoid the hassle associated with the traditional probate process by selling the house to a direct cash buyer. Contact our team at Safe Home Properties today for more information or to get started!

How does the probate process work?

As an heir to a probate asset, you might want to know more about the probate process. This process involves gathering the assets belonging to a deceased person and distributing them to inheritors. It also involves paying any unpaid debts and taxes. Court supervision might be needed when distributing these assets, especially if family members have a disagreement.

To start the probate process, you need to go to a probate court and request the court to name you as the executor or administrator.

After this, at minimum, you will be required to do the following:

  • Prove the validity of the will
  • Pay any debts
  • Pay any unpaid taxes
  • Give the property that belonged to the deceased to the beneficiaries

If you are one of the beneficiaries of this property, you need to decide what to do with the property. You can decide to keep the property or sell it. Below are more details on selling a probate house.

What Does It Mean When a House Is in Probate?

A probate house is a house that has been left behind by someone who has passed on. This house can be given to the heir or sold depending on the probate court decision. For instance, if the deceased has debts and unpaid taxes, the house may be sold to pay off the debts.

What Is the Typical Process of Selling a Probate House Like?

Selling a probate house is a complex process. The probate court, an attorney, and the executor of the will usually carry out the process. There are a few steps that happen along the process.

The deceased person’s will executor/executrix requests the probation court to begin the house selling process.
The court schedules a court hearing and then grants the executor/executrix permission to have the house sold.
The executor sells the house as a probate house.